Most of the work I do is inside of organisations, be it with a person, team or a larger part of the organisation. This work is always tailored to the questions alive in you and/or your organisation at that time.

My role is to listen to the wisdom that is already there, perhaps not yet expressed, not yet explicit, and to help that wisdom to be revealed. My work is to help you shine a light on your experience, from a personal, systemic and contextual perspective, to discover what is present in that experience.

As you will be different from anyone else I will have worked with, this work will always be co-creation. And at the same time of course we will each draw on our experience.

Examples of some of the co-creations I have worked on are below. The interventions can be quite different and: co-creation, capability building and connection are always important factors.

Through my network of associates it is also possible to staff bigger projects or find the right person for a project which may need a different expertise, person or location than I can offer.

Design & Facilitation of learning interventions

Change, Leadership, Business Partnering, Coaching, Facilitation, Mentoring and Organisational Health and Safety are some of the themes around which I have designed and delivered learning programmes. Find out more…


Coaching supports the coachee to do their best independent thinking, and builds their capability to do so… Find out more…

Organisational development

Any learning intervention has an impact on the development of the organisation too, the question is do we take this into account and do we plan for it or do we leave that impact more to chance. Find out more…

Vision, strategy and change interventions

Even more than in the other interventions I have worked on, you will bring the content and direction for these sessions. What I can offer is to work with you to create a process that helps you clarify your strategy, vision or change approach. Find out more…