Silent Language of Leadership


Leadership has a language of its own and mostly it is silent.  This language comes from our core, from our purpose. Though silent it speaks louder than words. It is what determines whether people follow us and support us to create our visions together. It’s both inspiring and practical in that it simply helps to make things happen. Most of us know it when we see it and we seldom speak to it.

In 2012 these sentences flowed out of my keyboard. The idea of a silent language of leadership found me while I was trying to describe some of my beliefs about leadership. I was trying to express something that was hard to grasp, the notion that we can sense the presence of leadership when someone walks into the room. I’m still learning about this silent language of leadership and this is how I understand it now.

It is not a set of guidelines for body language, teaching people how to appear as a leader. It is not something that some people have and others don’t. It is about becoming aware how your intention and beliefs show up in your body- how your body impacts your intentions and beliefs and how the people around you can read you from your presence and actions – even when they aren’t aware they are doing that.

The ‘silent language of leadership’ work is about who you are now, why and how you are called to lead and how that translates into how ‘you are being’ with those around you and yourself. It’s about the leadership we demonstrate in how we lead our lives, how we serve a bigger purpose and how we lead others.

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