Leadership.is delivers leadership and organisational development interventions into a range of organisation. As the founder and owner Sytske works on most of the projects as a facilitator, coach or consultant.

For bigger projects or when she feels a different approach or experience will be helpful she brings in associates from her network. In turn she also works as an associate with others. You’ll find more about the work done within leadership.is under co-creation and programmes. The below three themes are key for any leadership.is intervention.

Capability building can range from developing in-house facilitators to deliver specific interventions, to ensuring that people learn about the topic as well as about how they can continue to learn from their own experience and reflections.

Connecting is about connecting your vision, to your thinking/feeling, to your actions, to your results. Exploring what is making you successful, what is stopping you, what is it that needs to be learned. Connecting any learning to your future both personally and organisationally. And finally connecting people in the organisation, so that their conversations can in turn change the organisation.

Change is about the changes you want to make and about the changes happening around you. What are they, how will they impact you, your team, your organisation. How do you notice them and how can you respond?