Wishes for 2015

Once upon a time I used to make new years’ cards on paper, they always had a picture and a poem, both selected to say something about the year past and the year to come.

I never found a good electronic replacement and I stopped making my cards; I’ve missed creating something which is both a reminder of the year past and a bridge to the year to come.

In January 2014 I started a blog series called 13 for 13. My plan was to describe 13 things I learned in 2013. I wrote down a list at the time and the second version of that list remained as it was. What changed as I wrote the blogs, is how I understood the words in the list. As I travelled through 2014 the ideas evolved, by the time I wrote the last piece it was October 2014. Reading what I wrote, I understood that 2013 couldn’t fully claim that blog anymore, 2013 may have planted the seed, 2014 infused it with life and I know that these thoughts will travel into 2015 with me to be reworked, developed or discarded.

A friend asked me if I was going to put these together in a small book; the inspiration from my previous new year cards, my blogs and my favourite pictures created this book, which includes one ‘new’ blog which was written in December of this year. The pictures deserve a special mention, most of them were taken by my dear friend and co-host for the silent language of leadership programme in Iceland, Katrín Sigurđardóttir.

I hope that in these stories, pictures and the poem there may be something that touches or inspires you … perhaps you see your wish in a picture, perhaps a title reminds you of your intention for the year or perhaps you need not read further, you already know what you dream for 2015…

Whatever you may wish for, I wish you will grant yourself your wish…
Whatever your dream, I wish you will pursue it…
Whatever your intention, I wish you live it…


Click here  to download an ibooks version, which you can view in the ibooks app on an ipad or on a Mac

If you prefer the pdf version, you can download it here


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