Looking back and forward

Two weeks ago today, 5 participants met in the bus station in Reykjavik to be picked up for the latest silent language of leadership programme. They had travelled from Britain, The Netherlands and Switzerland.


This was the fourth SLL programme and even though I host it and I do so because I believe it has value, the power of the work amazes me each time. The wisdom of the horses, the willingness of the participants to explore their silent language of leadership, the appreciative feedback they share to help each other grow.

It feels like a privilege to be allowed to host and witness the programme, and I learn as much as participants, getting new insights into how the horses work and new perspectives on leadership.

Some of my insights will appear here in blog form in the coming weeks, and for now i’d like to share some pictures of the days made by Katrín Sigurđardóttir at Ice Events, who is also host, cook, and co-coach for the event. The beautiful drawing accompanying this piece was made by one of the participants, Aldona Kaczkowski @ Working Beauty who created it as a reminder for those who attended.

Inspired by the experience and feedback from this programme, we set a date for the next programme: 4-7 March 2015. Those who register before 31 January pay the early bird fee of 1270, – euro. 1 of the maximum 5 spots has already been reserved.

You will find more information here, to register:  sytske@leadership.is


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